Sending money to India

India was the world’s biggest remittance destination in 2015, with over $72 billion transferred. With many providers becoming available, you have lots of options for your transfer. read more

Sending money to the USA

The USA is the world’s biggest remittance sender ($56 billion sent in 2015), but also receives billions in property purchases, student loan payments, and personal transfers. read more

Sending money to Poland

About 20 million Polish people live abroad, and they sent $7.2 billion to Poland in 2015. But how do they do it, and how can we make it easier? read more

Sending money to Pakistan

Pakistan lies in the top 10 countries that receive remittances, with almost $20 billion transferred during the financial year 2015-16. More than 10% of these remittances come from read more

Demystified: Foreign Exchange Spreads

Demystified helps you make sense of the tools and terminology of the trade, so when it comes time to make a payment you can know what you’re looking for. This week, we look at foreign exchange spreads. read more

Demystified: Spots versus Forwards

The foreign exchange market is often classified into two, the spot market and the forward market, based on the expected timing of the transaction. This week, we take a close look at the two markets, and how you can make use of them to minimise costs. read more

Sending money to China

China, with a population of 35 million residing outside their home country, is the second highest remittance receiving nation. read more