Shreya Hewett


Shreya graduated from Oxford University in 2013 with a degree in History and Economics. She has since managed a variety of projects, including various start-ups, an art production company, and initiatives at a think tank. Shreya’s goal is to create an internationally viable business that genuinely empowers its customers. Born in India and brought up in the North-East of England, she believes that it is high time financial technology caught up with the changing needs of international families.

Nima Pakseresht


Nima finished his Computer Science PHD in 2009. As a software engineer and a manager, he has had the opportunity to of running projects from idea through to completion in academia and beyond. Nima’s experiences range from strategic cross-organisational technical initiatives to projects with focus on Big Data. He has a passion for simple solutions to complicated problems. His aim is to address the information asymmetry in remittance by developing a fair, reliable, secure, easy to use system.

Omid Pakseresht

Product Manager

Omid graduated from Oxford University in 2013 with a Mathematics degree. He went on to work for Record Currency Management before leaving to work on TransferGuru full-time. His time at Record has allowed him to envision a fintech-led future where services are explained clearly, provided at a fair price and available at the click of a button. He has experiences in Finance, tech, marketing and FX, and wants to use his skills at TransferGuru to play a big part in the financial services revolution.