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Fee :   2.50 GBP
Exchange rate:   4.785
Total cost:   2.50 GBP
(0.0% vs mid-market exchange rate (4.785)]

Total Amount received
2,380.35  PLN

Fee :   1.99 GBP
Exchange rate:   4.765
Total cost:   4.06 GBP
( +0.4% vs mid-market exchange rate (4.785)]

Total Amount received
2,372.87  PLN


(3 reviews)

Fee :   2.09 GBP
Exchange rate:   4.772
Total cost:   4.50 GBP
( +0.5% vs mid-market exchange rate (4.795)]

Total Amount received
2,376.03  PLN

Fee :   0.99 GBP
Exchange rate:   4.690
Total cost:   11.94 GBP
( +2.2% vs mid-market exchange rate (4.795)]

Total Amount received
2,340.33  PLN

Guide to sending money to Poland

About 20 million Polish people live abroad, and they sent $7.2 billion to Poland in 2015. But how do they do it, and how can we make it easier?

It has never been easier to send money to Poland. In response to a growing Polish expat community and Poland’s strong trade links across the world, FX brokers and transfer providers are making the transfer process ever-quicker.

Sending £100 pounds to Poland can cost as little as 4.80 złoty if you compare rates and use an online provider. It is also worth considering using a broker for large transfers (which you can also compare using our search engine).

Because of great new providers like Azimo, transferring money to Poland can be done in minutes. This means that even if you’re sending money regularly, it’s worth shopping around and using new providers to get the best rate, because the sign-up and transfer process are quite hassle-free.

For most forms of money transfer, you will need the following:

  • The recipient’s full name and address.
  • The recipient’s IBAN (International Bank Account Number). This is an account number used for international transfers. It should be found on paper statements or on the recipient’s online banking, or you can use this online tool.
  • The recipient’s BIC (Banking Identifier Code)/SWIFT Code.

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