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last updated on Aug. 17, 2018, 6:55 p.m.


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Fee :   3.50 GBP
Exchange rate:   1.742
Total cost:   3.50 GBP
(-0.0% vs mid-market exchange rate (1.742)]

Total Amount received
865.13  AUD

Fee :   2.99 GBP
Exchange rate:   1.738
Total cost:   4.36 GBP
( +0.2% vs mid-market exchange rate (1.742)]

Total Amount received
863.64  AUD


(3 reviews)

Fee :   2.30 GBP
Exchange rate:   1.740
Total cost:   4.68 GBP
( +0.5% vs mid-market exchange rate (1.748)]

Total Amount received
865.75  AUD

Fee :   0.99 GBP
Exchange rate:   1.727
Total cost:   6.88 GBP
( +1.2% vs mid-market exchange rate (1.748)]

Total Amount received
861.90  AUD

Send money to Australia from the USA

Sending money to Australia down under from the USA is quick and easy. The cheapest way to send money is to use a money transfer provider – most are 50-80% cheaper than your bank.

No one provider is cheapest for all money transfers to Australia from the USA. For small transfers of say $1,000 or less, a remittance specialist is best. They focus on small individual transfers. For high value transfers or business payments, a specialist FX broker is cheaper, who can deliver a custom solution for your exact requirements.

With so many options out there, is can be daunting to try and know your options – from fixed fees to hidden exchange rates, it’s not easy to know exactly what your transfer will cost. Most of all, you have to make sure to find one that will keep your money safe - so find one that is a licensed money transmitter in your state. To skip all that hassle, you can compare options quickly and easily using this comparison tool. Just edit the amount you want to send, and the best options for your transfer are listed for comparison. All of our partners are licensed for the transfers we feature them for.

Once you click through, you can register and be ready to send funds in a few minutes, as soon as they verify your identity.

Best of all, these options are listed in real time, using up to date exchange rates and showing you exactly what you get on the other side.

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