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Afex is a dedicated foreign exchange and payments company, founded in 1979 and headquartered in Los Angeles. The company has global presence, with offices in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland. Afex currently only serves citizens of the USA, UK, and Australia.

Afex allows you to make international transfers, with customised solutions to automate payments for businesses. While you can buy a range of currencies using Afex, you can only sell 9 currencies, which include USD, GBP, EUR, AUS, CAD, CHF, SEK, and ILS.

Curency Fair deals with spot transactions and forward transactions for private individuals and SME's, while also offering Options to large corporates and treasury accounts. Transfers can be made via bank transfer or Direct debit.

Afex caters to both businesses, as well as private individuals. The company has a significant focus towards businesses, with specialised solutions for corporates, treasuries, and SMEs. Afex is recommended for large transactions, upwards of £5,000.

You can register with Afex online, providing some general information, and proof of ID. Alternatively, the registration form can be filled out and faxed to the company representatives.

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