What a year ...

Dec. 24, 2015

Last time we went home for Christmas there was no TransferGuru.

This year we can rest easy that there’s now an easy way to work out how to send some of that Christmas money back home.

It’s been a long journey. Back in April the World Bank were concerned about falling remittances (predicting only a casual $440 billion dollars) and a comparison service that gave you the best provider – straight-up – was just a gleam in the eye.

We’ll find out next year how 2015 really played out, but by next Christmas the World Bank are expecting a flow more in the region of 600 billion.

Even if we can only help save 1% of that…(The World Bank think developing countries alone could save $100 billion upwards with just a small drop in remittance prices).

But there’s not much left to do before the year is out – except wish you all Merry Christmas!

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