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Dec. 3, 2015

As part of my brief – to find interesting ways to talk about TransferGuru – I’ve put a lot of thought into why people might, or might not, choose to use a service.

The bottom line is – TransferGuru works. It actively, demonstrably, superlatively saves people money. I’ve spoken to people who have used it, I’ve seen the stats behind the site and I’ve sent money myself*1.

So where’s my problem? 

Well – you know you have this site that works, you know it saves people money and you know it helps the people often most in need – never mind reducing wealth disparitiespromoting gender equality and dampening exploitative and hegemonic systems. (If I trot out that sentence too often they’ll start to wonder if my job is necessary, so shhh) 

So why aren’t people flocking to it?

I think it comes down to two important things*2. 

Trust and awareness. 

So I want to talk a little bit about what we’re doing to try and increase both of them. 

Awareness is easy – and we’re working on it. We’ll keep doing what we’re doing and wait for the word to spread. Of course, in the meantime I’ll keep trying to get the word out to all those people who don’t realise how important remittance is. But good ideas spread – we’re sure of that*3.

Trust is a little different. New sites, especially anything to do with your finances, are always facing an uphill struggle to get you to trust them. We don’t take any money – so you don’t have to worry about losing your credit card details – but we can always be more open and transparent about just who is behind the site, and why we’re here – so you can start to relax, trust us, and let us do some of that remittance heavy lifting for you.

For our first move we’ve updated our ‘About Us’ page – each of the core members of the team are on there with a little bio – and we’ve got some great pictures of everyone to be up soon!*4

And that’s not the end of our team-focused content – I’ve booked some dates to sit down and introduce our users to everyone properly*5, and I’m just finishing up an interview with our CEO, Omid. He’ll be talking about how he got here, what he still has to bring to TransferGuru and why remittance is such a big deal to him personally.

It’s really important that you get the opportunity to see who’s behind the site – there’s a really diverse group, with a lot of skills, and a lot of…élan – and we know it’s a big positive to see that there are real human beings behind there. 

As for me – I’ve set up a new e-mail account – – which I’ll be on the other end of during the working week (and don’t rule out getting a reply at three in the morning either). Any concerns, feedback, questions, spelling errors to point out – just send them there and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

We think you should be able to feel like you can get in touch directly – and with a guarantee it’ll be read by a real human. So for our first trick…

In order to encourage people to get in touch we’re actually running a scheme at the moment – the first 25 people to e-mail in with a suggestion on how to improve the website are guaranteed a £5 Amazon Gift Voucher.

Only £5? How about 10. Be one of the first 25 to leave a review on the site – of a provider you’ve used – and we’ll make that a £10 Amazon voucher*6.

And finally, we’re going to be re-designing the site – we want to make our process more transparent and make sure we give you more information. We’re in a really exciting phase, we’re ready to listen to your suggestions and we want to deliver a spanking new, and much improved, site. 

But hopefully that’s not the end – in the coming months we’re going to be trying to up the ante with both trust and awareness – we’ve moved to Medium and Tumblrrecently, and our Twitter has just hit 1000 followers! There’s still an Instagram launch to come – so you can get an even closer look at the team at work – and we want to put a few surprises together for the New Year. 

You can follow it all at the usual places – – and now on – and Eyes peeled for the Instagram and a new Vimeo account and remember – wherever whenever whatever at There’s still a few vouchers left…

And why am I doing all this? Selfishness really – I want everyone to be as excited as I am*7.

Happy December All.


*1 – Even if I still have to turn to Willy Wonka to get the central concept behind transfers – The analogy really works – money does get ‘smaller’…

*2 – And all the other things that come to me as soon as I’ve sent this blog out.

*3 – And we’ve got lots of great content lined up for the rest of the year – reports on our biggest remittance corridors, how we can help with your Christmas savings and a closer look at the history of remittance are just the start.

*4 – It takes a little time to get a flattering angle on my nose

*5 -And now I’ve told you they’ve got no choice

*6 – It’s not like anybody has lots of presents to buy or anything… (I bet you thought that asterisk was a small print catch – nope!)

*7 – Seriously – it’s always a party at Tguru Towers. (Apart from that time I was up all night live-tweeting my blog struggles…)

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