People of Poland

March 1, 2016

What potential people can unlock with a little extra each month? Last week we set off for Poland and teamed up with photographer Jacob Zanczak (Instagram: @qbulrfc ) to ask people there what they'd do.

Maja, the girl: “70 Zloty would be a good amount for two food mixers, so when one breaks down I could use the other one” And if you saved up? “Lego!”
“We would go out for dinner together, to a nice place. If we saved up we would take a journey, to the East, maybe Ukraine. We’re really interested in the history of the land but we’ve never had a chance to take a long journey”
This is Klaudia. “Over a year an airline ticket – so she could tour all the Scandinavian countries.”
Meet ?ukasz. “70 Zlotys is the best amount for a pub session with friends. Doing a tour of the draught beers” If he saved up over a year he’d fly to the US: “It would only be one-way but I enjoy a challenge. I’d have to make my way home through the ocean. A real mission!”
Miroslaw was playing checkers when Jacob interviewed him about what he’d spend the 70 Zloty he saved if he checked before sending money home.. “Two foods. Normal food for the stomach and spirit food for the mind – books!” If he saved up:”I would give the money to my grandchildren, to provide the highest possible development for them. I trust them, I would give them the money and let them decide what they spend it on”
This is Anna. With the 70 Zloty she could save by checking before sending money home she would: “Probably take my husband somewhere. Maybe the cinema, or a restaurant. The first place we found!”
The owners of this lovely dog, Chilli, would spend the possible yearly saving of 840 Zloty if they checked before sending money home on a vegetable patch. “We live in a block of flats, but we would like to plant some food. In Poland you can buy a seperate garden 20km from your house. So we would spend the money on tools, equipment and plants. Especially fruit trees!”
Meet Paulina, she’s a super fast skater.. Almost as fast as a quick check of to find out how much she could save when sending money home. With the 70 Zloty she could save, she would “Buy a gift for my parents. I want to get a t-shirt or a pillow for my mum that says ‘I have a cool daughter’. And there’s a couple of dresses I want for my 18th, but I can never decide!”
Meet Stanislaw, here with Flipper, Baja and Sophie. He’d treat his dogs with the money he would save at TransferGuru: “Good food for my dogs! Every dog has a jacket with its own hood, so I would buy new jackets for them. I also have 13 cats but they stayed at home. Maybe a new trailer for them…”
“I’ve never had a problem spending money! With 70 Zlotys I’d probably go and buy a new board game I’ve been thinking about, ‘Hive’. Or new gadgets for my camera. I use it for work so it’s easier to justify ‘shopping’ to myself that way.”

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