Anything you wish you knew about sending money home? Let us do the work.

April 14, 2016

Confused about corridors? Raging over remittance jargon? Or just sick of trawling the internet for hours to find a simple answer?

We’ve spent the early months of 2016 putting together a comprehensive guide to remittances. And we mean comprehensive. Our roving reporters have been researching far and wide to work out what remittance users want to know – and how we can find them the answer. But the work doesn’t stop there. (The work never stops).

There’s always more to add, there’s always more to know, and there’s always more we can do to help. So before we publish it we want to hear from you about what you wish you knew about remittance. Big or small, simple or complex, a long-standing issue or you just feel like getting in touch – tweet at us, comment on our posts, write under our blog or simply hit us up at We’ll either ping you back or stick the best questions in the guide (soon to be “A guide by TransferGuru – and you!”)

Not everything can be answered with a simple calculator (at least remittance charges are now in that easy bracket) – but for (almost) everything else you’ve got the help of the TransferGuru research team.

There’s a lot to keep track of these days. Let us do the work.

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