Sending money abroad should be cheap and easy

But it isn’t always this way. From expensive banks to confusing fees, it can be difficult to find the best deals.

TransferGuru compares money transfer providers to find you the best deal for your transfer in real time. Simply tell us where you’re sending money from and to, and how much you want to send, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll show you the rates offered by all the leading providers so you can decide the best way to send your money abroad.

Country money transfer guides tailored for you

Demystified: IBANs, SWIFT, and BICs

When you make an international transaction you are going to need some basic account information along with your ID. But what you need, and how to find them, can get confusing. read more

Sending money to China

China, with a population of 35 million residing outside their home country, is the second highest remittance receiving nation. read more

Demystified: Spots versus Forwards

The foreign exchange market is often classified into two, the spot market and the forward market, based on the expected timing of the transaction. This week, we take a close look at the two markets, and how you can make use of them to minimise costs. read more